This is a live broadcast with Shirley Robinson as the host and four guest co-hosts that will help facilitate. They will be having fun together talking to Shirley, praying for on-line live requests, and interviewing a different guest each episode. It will be a wonderful time of fellowship with others who love God and want to share His joy with you. There will be a time for a salvation invitation and a connection follow up with the opportunity of fellowship and mentorship. Come join the girls and enjoy your time visiting with them and God. Connect with us every second and fourth Sunday at 6pm PST, 7pm MNT, 9pm EST.


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Shirley Robinson


She has a heart of pure gold before the Lord. Shirley is Founder and President of Restoring Hope to Cities Foundation and Women of Revival.  Shirley travels extensively throughout the nation with her husband Charlie preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ and challenging women to come up higher in their walk with God.  She also brings a powerful message of making a practical difference in the earth while serving a supernatural God. 


Kimberley McEwen


Kimberley and her husband Doug are Senior Leaders of Hearts on Fire Ministries in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  In partnership with Voice of Revival Ministries they also oversee an online spiritual community, Heart Connect Fellowship. 


Kimberley believes in the transformational power of community.  Through her own journey she has learned that Creator God has designed each individual with unique talents, abilities and gifts that can be used to make this world a better place for everyone.  She is thrilled to see people come to know Jesus and walk out freedom, as they discover their design and purpose.  She and her husband work together to train, equip and send leaders, who possess strength of character, into the world to bring Kingdom impact to every area they walk in. 

Kimberley is an entrepreneur and likes building new things.  She enjoys pioneering new ventures and all of the challenges that this can bring!  Human ingenuity and creativity fascinate her.


Kimberley loves being with her family of five children and four grandchildren.  She enjoys sailing, the sound of ocean waves, cooking, playing in dirt while gardening and people.


Pam Dyck


Pam Dyck co-pastors the River Community Church in Abbotsford BC with her husband and best friend, of 46 years, Alf. Pam is a mother of 5 children, grandmother of 8 (soon to be 9)... and often functioned in the role of family 'zoo keeper' for numerous dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and even a ferret.  She's currently released her first book, 'Soul Restored' and is about to have her 2nd book, 'Scars of Grace', released in Feb. 2021. Pam is known for her sense of humour  her love of all things prayer and prophetic... and her passion for Jesus. 


Chamime Osseni


Chamime Osseni is a young woman passionate about the Lord, for whom knowledge of our spiritual identity is the key to a free, productive and fulfilling life. Her desire is to help each person to discover himself as God sees him.  

Chamime is also a writer, and a mother. She carries out a ministry for the Lord at the Victory Church of Quebec.  


Chelsey Johnston


Born as a true creative, Chelsey Johnston grew up singing, dancing, painting and free spirited. Her love for children and desire to help them navigate the challenges of early childhood, lead her to pursue a diploma in Special Care Counselling, where she worked specifically with children with special needs. Chelsey is the creator and author of a children’s book series titled “The Adventures of Chiko and Chubbs”. Her desire is to equip children with tools so that they feel empowered to verbally express their thoughts, feelings and struggles. Chelsey and her husband Ben are the founders and directors of WeR1 Ministries, a ministry that desires to connect everyone, everywhere to the heart of God. Together they lead a Sunday gathering, host regional conferences and co-host Supernatural Love, a broadcast that focuses on making God the center of all relationships. Chelsey is also a host of a monthly broadcast called ERevival, where she leads the lady’s night, a panel of powerful woman who minister to viewers.  Chelsey and Ben currently reside in Greenfield Park, Quebec, where they raise their two boys Judah and Josiah. 


Catherine Moon


I am a child of God, created to bring light into the World, through representing Jesus Christ here on this earth.

I am a mother, grandmother and a friend to many. I have been retired from my profession as a Paralegal for over three years.

I am presently one of the pastors at Hearts On Fire Ministries, helping out in whatever capacity necessary, which includes leading a virtual Prayer Group, a virtual Spiritual Coaching Group, assisting in our virtual prayer sessions through Voice of Revival and Freedom to Love Sozo sessions.

One of my passions is the Word Of God and to continue learning more from it every day and to share that word with others in helping them walk into the destiny and fullness God has created them to be and especially in the area of leading others to understand how much they are loved by God and nothing can change that.

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